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I can't continue anymore with this feeling. The silence, disdain, total lack of communication is twisting and tearing me apart. I don't see any point in trying anymore; getting fucked up to try to kill the emptiness isn't working. What a piece of shit I must be that everyone completely stopped talking to me in any form. It's okay, life keeps telling me to just disappear and I want to just say fuck it and do it. No, not leave, not be anywhere, just gone. Why not? Nobody cares enough to even speak to me so why would they care if I did it? I don't mean anything to anyone. Fuck my pain. If it won't stop then I'll just kill it with me. My pain ends and I don't have to bother people that don't want to deal with me. That's what keeps replaying in my mind. I don't know why I'm posting this, nobody cares.

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