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This is Tim a member @ Cash Me Out…Side
Tim fully understand understand the new $500 roller program & reads what’s give and fully appreciates getting anything back when so many other groups don’t this at all.
Tim understand that as stated the program started back on Wednesday 11/15/22 and this is the only date moving forward that will count from here on and out & knows asking about the passed points are not excepted that Only That date moving forward will count
Tim also understand that that soon as u collect your $500 he’s is to immediately send to the email document attached
Tim also fully understand that $500 dollars can be accumulated from all platforms and he’s aware that after he is given his $50 credit that he can only choose from the two given platforms even though he doesn’t play on the two programs given. Tim doesn’t make a fuss cause Tim knows there are the only choices he has and will choose from one.
Tim understand this is an incentive program to give back to the him and players & that no rudeness shall be excepted. Tim understand Sarah is one of the most Trust worthy Agents and her team that work for her do there best to work 24 hours round the clock to appease all of us always and that Tim can appreciate.
Tim also fully understand that he doesn’t have to ask the same question over again if he reads the comments under the incentive program cause the answer he was seeking has already been answered 20 times on the comments.

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